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very rare free user/pass for paradisegfs reactivated by Fink, Colleen I.

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here is the xxx pass list for paradisegfs

Password # 1 User:ENKmqMQUevWi Pass wGKTKOiviWWb
Password # 2 User:FpNQGxlnyigq Pass okmaQTBriEWF
Password # 3 User:IrValxrgfBrS Pass AnDAQOdfdwnj ## Password is limited to Surfers from USA only
Password # 4 User:QcrErFbAPFrO Pass hJTnlDfStzSz // need to set cookie by following the link
Password # 5 User:feGohnYZAZFV Pass JfDFhquDCcyZ

unlimited undiscovered xxx codes for paradisegfs posted by Shantel Ridgell

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here is the xxx pass list for paradisegfs

Password # 1 User:HJcHHWmzPcKJ Pass BPOvIhwIrEqC
Password # 2 User:WiXxEuRmRwBA Pass hHvlxIwzMbEK ** has been reported working by 27 users
Password # 3 User:zpGRCEzJUexv Pass jqvFoPfFFGvB // working downloads only SD
Password # 4 User:egnTUPpzVpEJ Pass jNVzfxjcnJfJ // fred donated this pass
Password # 5 User:twPbHXacxaAM Pass efGUDITSRhsl ** over a week old
Password # 6 User:XeWxPghwlZpv Pass DzOdvXYeHlog
Password # 7 User:iJApfavMbPuQ Pass vgdybPlJkxBw
Password # 8 User:cXPxOlDSKFIW Pass oSuPpHoJbvkw