zero day undisovered passes for 18eighteen sniffed by Singer, Evan I.

pic of  undisovered passes for

here is the xxx pass list for 18eighteen

Password # 1 User:QcuGCQpNRQoD Pass yTiXbTURpKSp // shared by miffi
Password # 2 User:SaUmSXfpFNTr Pass lMJOGpkGOUCE password experience is limited to 1 gigabyte daily usage (please stay cool)
Password # 3 User:tzzZzqXoRAth Pass fAYFYIGuswvT
Password # 4 User:WAntFLYmkHDg Pass ggSZIvwwWFov
Password # 5 User:ASzAOaOhGAgT Pass KNwRUCJUkfqH // fred donated this pass