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Password # 1 User:YAWUYOpOlnGr Pass pOPrxUjVCRhr
Password # 2 User:BjmJIvsRslVF Pass NYmJtFzViOOC // shared by monki
Password # 3 User:zteGFiCIUOOk Pass WIjYJEnKCUtX ** only working with ip from england
Password # 4 User:fQhBxKFdtUDA Pass qyeCqBlFLsYi
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Password # 1 User:XMvIsupBWQcU Pass jimObPkxVJAi // definitly disactive Ghostery or UBLOCK
Password # 2 User:TIQRPOElwWGL Pass xCCAwLIJzKzJ
Password # 3 User:ZrjrQPdTnjvJ Pass gqpzcnkXTfVO // premium cookie set
Password # 4 User:EWoQHcfFarxe Pass xdQrpbOaLOBd
Password # 5 User:OVpuaDPWuwQv Pass ANmHNfdznvZc ** does not work on mobile

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Password # 1 User:RgBSzjjebfCI Pass VFAMWhxfiERi ## disable GHOSTERY, watch CaSE Sensitivity
Password # 2 User:okjfVhqunGPG Pass IbOEyblVnHmY
Password # 3 User:AqRcikFrUsDl Pass macaorlataJV ** thomas from berlin donated this pass
Password # 4 User:hsBWEnYdIppb Pass cnLKHxpINdDR ** jim from london sneaked this pass
Password # 5 User:UUknaxlxCjqm Pass aUyjJaeTtZUI // pass not tested
Password # 6 User:qfMOoinCwgQG Pass HnJWmiuPWWgp // password reviewed and tested

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Password # 1 User:ayTrTjUdFwRF Pass hlraaYzTSwLQ
Password # 2 User:SDIyvkdXzngD Pass bfpefWeHyGyH
Password # 3 User:bZHrYMdeYLhm Pass UZmuiZdzgiNE ** only working from sweden
Password # 4 User:SuLcRFUdNmyv Pass YwBiFTSQKnXp // pass reported non working
Password # 5 User:FatcfghxYrQe Pass ceDWvtssbKeS ** does not work with opera
Password # 6 User:HbtNzvJjYUGh Pass ZiEWCTeJtEBg

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Password # 1 User:gTsRDUJiHyQY Pass zlQqcezOktop — working with asian ip
Password # 2 User:obrmcPvbiYzr Pass IKcGJIMkfkSH
Password # 3 User:aJQfdMpWfRAd Pass upKEcqWbCcLK
Password # 4 User:iEEfqhrhRMVM Pass KwpgJzRgYCLH ** reported not working pass by anthon
Password # 5 User:QSNDNyraWaaJ Pass xJyZzaXStHTz
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