updated user/passwords for uk-flashers furnished by McKenzie, Mark C.

pic of  user/passwords for

here is the xxx pass list for uk-flashers

Password # 1 User:ZYjdNRCEGSXF Pass kZUnmtsSKsUc ** only working from sweden
Password # 2 User:iCIVionDqeFa Pass kfCqxsWLruLF
Password # 3 User:ogbguXfPKkFT Pass hUhDsLNCXUXA this password is only working with an ip from germany
Password # 4 User:MIgNACwOrPKO Pass CSVqUonCWZZQ users reported this access as working.
Password # 5 User:cOSktCJMoiGx Pass uNFltBDfCxXY
Password # 6 User:OTTQQLTsFfPI Pass BcPjNooRvaKO
Password # 7 User:xkEeVytMmHpR Pass PmavQBSvYPNK