0day user/passwords for swallowsquirt sleaked by McNeill, Janet C.

pic of  user/passwords for

here is the xxx pass list for swallowsquirt

Password # 1 User:LGZESYbZiCiC Pass vzgnErcbZmbO the login works only with limited speed
Password # 2 User:uOakiZZSFDWk Pass ZCGFTUFXHAYP this access was reported by 4 users as having limited functionality.
Password # 3 User:NokolvJyXKZh Pass pmiDfOOBJTuW
Password # 4 User:fEILgLQQlTdh Pass FlZjdZBXxLEl
Password # 5 User:UypBOlKVQzoG Pass WQXxanwWjLRT this enables a 3 month member access