functinioning premium backdoors for tiny4k submitted by Belva Gaier

pic of  premium backdoors for

here is the xxx pass list for tiny4k

Password # 1 User:TtXuXdzieLOW Pass pCwUmhumateO
Password # 2 User:OGMgAHWdDeaa Pass UHmaHApoLDXU Tool for amplified bruteforce attacks on wordpress based website via xmlrcp API helped out here.
Password # 3 User:bJzCiLUzzijF Pass ktGaLMAWLJMq // james from uk donated this pass
Password # 4 User:cxBtWrkKlGOd Pass JHYBlsgoriYZ // password working
Password # 5 User:YXselKnkJqlc Pass kKnflVAhzonP 61 % success rate
Password # 6 User:waseodTvQsbt Pass TgeJGQCdTAOG 63 % success rate
Password # 7 User:LorghPnLBxtc Pass IIvwcmPxfTGd this access was reported by 3 users as having limited functionality.
Password # 8 User:bsrdexNvbCrJ Pass pSxbgNRnfGmu lifetimepass