zero day premium cookies for dirtydirector exposed by McNeill, Patrick C.

pic of  premium cookies for

here is the xxx pass list for dirtydirector

Password # 1 User:GQZIEciCVEXw Pass xdBwbboMLFpw ** reported not working pass by anthon
Password # 2 User:ZnqkucFxeIzg Pass gyDnUbXiuQbT an Open Source Security tool to audit hashed passwords was used
Password # 3 User:KXHAllfFUGEl Pass sclkgqaStPaD ** password is only working from canada
Password # 4 User:GJikbAFZmQKv Pass SCuVzZunDQPJ
Password # 5 User:nqaLuVxTpFxb Pass RDUgiZHZWRwL // need to set cookie by following the link
Password # 6 User:ZAyfRRJcASKl Pass TXPbstQMTxCf — tested with british ip
Password # 7 User:mnvtoDUdwfTC Pass LRafTpFnDTvW users reported this access as working.