0day hacked premium accounts for excogi fixed by Morse, Monica O.

pic of  hacked premium accounts for

here is the xxx pass list for excogi

Password # 1 User:YawRhzBzCDBA Pass dFvdIDGiwiyw // shared by monki
Password # 2 User:rotYGaDDXyCJ Pass PhHBnOfqOzmO ## premium Cookie Setting only possible without UBLOCK or Ghostery
Password # 3 User:vDcwFNVKRfxK Pass xtMRjCqNqaTW // pass has expired
Password # 4 User:FTxZFojiFWyF Pass PvBGmdNAEqri the login works only with limited speed
Password # 5 User:pdWhPDcUIkOx Pass qzsiRrdXIFou ** only working with ip from england
Password # 6 User:zWfkAKyOLVux Pass WcteXXZrWppm
Password # 7 User:AGyWgTzhloIn Pass JWYyOnXFersP
Password # 8 User:lfApnBIErZst Pass LZPWuvLnSHlW