functinioning user/passwords for desperateamateurs discovered by Huffman, George U.

pic of  user/passwords for

here is the xxx pass list for desperateamateurs

Password # 1 User:ibhEsUFzTvbN Pass uORwEJFApGDX // need to set cookie by following the link
Password # 2 User:zkZguTueGePh Pass ipyKuzRYPEgd
Password # 3 User:xSIMjhqlgsyr Pass iLcPgafSMDjR
Password # 4 User:zPiQfgvqGzkc Pass lOMUTwTNDeyg ## limited ACCESS only for USA and English Browser Language Setting
Password # 5 User:MXhRWbLoyRFB Pass dfYuQyvbxNHU