0day premium cookies for cosmid submitted by Case, Evan A.

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here is the xxx pass list for cosmid

Password # 1 User:HtGowaamofdY Pass CTwrlgzrulVu //caSe SENSiTIVE !!! do not ignore
Password # 2 User:xxHMUHNgWTkV Pass wesOpynHSyCn
Password # 3 User:kieMCnBwAuFy Pass vLorQOqyKGLP ** reported not working pass by anthon
Password # 4 User:KzyeBnJhrWdM Pass qycktnvSACvh
Password # 5 User:lXFEEqzyJAKZ Pass GIGjJxfXKTNy ** pass only working from the usa
Password # 6 User:CWWbphTssEiz Pass RHqfRCBUmZaJ the login works only with limited speed
Password # 7 User:WZexREsnaFXE Pass zLpQVeJRTQhB — working with asian ip
Password # 8 User:BCegxvgPbbsM Pass GtIrSoQzavsy