active premium cookies for exploitedteens deciphered by Church, Guy H.

pic of  premium cookies for

here is the xxx pass list for exploitedteens

Password # 1 User:kgCKsWKbOouT Pass ZzCzcbzPBvAx
Password # 2 User:yihRtQyjOHqL Pass pPLrvGlDtbUk // wachtword geknackt by thomas
Password # 3 User:gbvMmZgnUrHf Pass uEeECBXHQICD ** pass has been reported working by 7 users
Password # 4 User:ANffHpZknPfc Pass AjKKwmqlcfET // free access everywhere
Password # 5 User:bswMrebsayVr Pass iIZyeFRmLvvx ## limited ACCESS only for USA and English Browser Language Setting
Password # 6 User:uzBIaRRuYNgt Pass qkhyxQiVIdoR //lifetimepassword
Password # 7 User:BuzLpguHFlVM Pass hxKgSNRzAqNw // pass is limited to 10 gigabytes overall (please stay fair)