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Password # 1 User:OwKjkxBgRKUb Pass ITNWRzFdkbuZ — one user complained slow connection
Password # 2 User:yuiQcVHbVUtR Pass wSGeXUWSHsFW ** pass is limited to 1 gigabyte daily usage (please stay cool)
Password # 3 User:iirPwQEonbTg Pass lDjCrBVufRPp
Password # 4 User:WaeBFOVYAEAu Pass mMVWzAgrsiKQ ** over a week old
Password # 5 User:CVYUSyxKGukr Pass ELEKxnITmJlp //pass dead
Password # 6 User:TEOiFqdDlWcI Pass GIdRaICEsaSb — working with spanish ip only
Password # 7 User:xjuZwtzlrEzJ Pass rNbdRQCqMcnT — working with usa ip only